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Sick of dealing with Brisbane SEO agencies and feeling like you don’t matter?

Sick of Brisbane SEO agencies over-promising and under-delivering?

Sick of dealing with junior SEOs who treat your website as a learning experience?

It’s a story I hear far too often.

At SEO Labs, your SEO is taken care of by me, David Butler.

As an SEO consultant with 6+ years experience, I’ve worked on a wide range of sites, dealt with every SEO problem imaginable, and have a proven history of producing great results. I can offer you a more personal approach and you can rest easy knowing that all of your work is being done by someone who truly knows what they’re doing, and not a junior SEO or some dodgy overseas outsourced team.

I don’t give you a hard sell and I don’t give fancy presentations to sell my work.

Ask around; my reputation sells itself. My work has also featured on Moz (one of the pinnacles of the SEO industry).

Brisbane Search Engine Optimisation Services

Technical SEO Auditing

Website Architecture Planning

Keyword Research

New Website Launch/Changeover Guides

Content Marketing/Link Building Strategies

Manual Penalty Removal

Content Analysis & Recommendations

Backlink Cleanup & Link Disavow

Local SEO & Citation Building

SEO-Friendly Website Builds

SEO Consulting Process

SEO services for local Brisbane businesses start at $450 per month (charged at $150 per hour).

$150 per hour? Isn’t that a bit steep, you ask? No. You get what you pay for.

I work with Brisbane businesses who want the best. Businesses who are not willing to hand their website/business/livelihoods over to a junior SEO in an agency. The best SEOs do not work in agencies.

To maintain a superior level of service, I cap the number of clients I work on at any one time and will only work with you if I actually believe your business will benefit from my work.

The consulting process usually begins with a 30 phone call, or face-to-face meeting for local Brisbane businesses, to give me a better understanding of your business goals and background. The phone call/meeting is then followed by a 60-90 minute review of your website. Out of this review, I will be able to determine if you have any major technical issues and need a more thorough website audit and/or ongoing monthly SEO activity.

All websites are different and require different work so there is no such thing as a standardised “road map” approach to SEO. A standardised approach to SEO is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole… good luck.

A road map doesn’t exist, but SEO Labs can be your guiding compass to help your business achieve its online goals.

small business seo consulting

SEO Auditing

brisbane seo auditing

In most cases, following the initial consultation, I will recommend a full technical SEO Audit. The technical SEO audit will review all aspects of your website and leave no stone unturned in looking for onsite and offsite issues that could be holding you back. The SEO audit generally takes around 2 weeks to complete and includes detailed information about the SEO issues that were found and provides comprehensive recommendations on how to resolve them. If required, I can implement most changes for you.

Clients can sometimes see dramatic improvements following a technical SEO audit and for some smaller local Brisbane businesses, this may be all that is required from us – I won’t keep you paying each month if it won’t help you! However, some clients will require ongoing monthly activity and an ongoing SEO strategy advice to produce the results they are looking for.

SEO-friendly Web Design & Development

As well as technical website audits and ongoing SEO services for Brisbane businesses, I also offer WordPress web development services for Brisbane businesses. Technical SEO best practices are followed during all website builds and all sites will be optimised so your target audience can find you.

If you are after a redesign of a current website, I can also manage the changeover process to minimise any possible decrease in organic traffic. If the website is for a new business on a new domain, I usually recommend at least 6 months of ongoing work upon completion of your website which will help your customers find you.

SEO-friendly website builds start at $1,500. Please contact me for a tailored quote.

small business website development


David is the most experienced and knowledgeable SEO expert I’ve ever worked with.

Charles Z.

Senior eCommerce and Digital Marketing Manager

David has a reputation producing nothing but great results for his clients by utilising his superior technical SEO skills.

Michael C.

National Sales and Marketing Manager

David’s ability to look into a website, diagnose issues, and identify opportunities is second-to-none in the Brisbane market.

Stelios M.

SEO Manager

Brisbane SEO Prices

Brisbane small business SEO pricing is based on how competitive your industry is and how much work is required for your website to get the results you are looking for.

All websites are assessed individually and I will make a price recommendation for you within 24 hours of getting in contact.

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